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Full text of "The Morphology And Evolution Of The Apes And Man"

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CIRCULATION,  BLOOD  AXD  GLAN3* Artew'ts or rhc Arm.
Subclavian Artery.—The comparison Let-een the branches in Han and those in the Ape- I- .-hov following table :   but the list does not show the which the branches arise :—
n     *"»   *• p £i ij.   . ....*,   bi> w-
Vertebral     ..        .     Yei't^ra!    ..        ..   Vertebral
Thyroid -ASH
Inferior tliyi'.-id
Ascending cewlcal.     A^cendina cervlis.!..
Superficial cervical.
Transverse scapula •     Tnicsvc-r.-e s^a,pu".^r
Internal mammary      Internal rr:a;.:ni:iry    Ir te::i-:l:..JL.:I-:L:••;* \ ! I. A.'
Transverse e:-rv:c'Vi                    —           "                            —
Costo-cervical trunk    L'o*tj-cei'v:cr.i trails , Ccsto-cervi.Ml t/::: :
Deep cervi-jal       ..      Dtup cervical       ..      Deep cervi. -.3.1. ?. U. A. i
Superior iiitercosral    Superior intercostal     Spinal arterial  S..V
—                     Transverse cervical      Transverse cejv:cal
—                                  —               '   Transverse scapular ^S.^.A.t
—                   Long thoracic :L.T.A. •
—                                   —                    Ascending cervical *A.B. \
—                                   —                    Superior ii.tert'osta: (S. I. A.}
—                                  —                   Preveneural muscular
ID one Chhupaazee there was a separate inferior thyvoia ai'tery.
Although the vessels arise differently from those in Man, their distribution is generally similar in a!!. The vertebral artery, accompanied by twigs from the inferior cervical ganglion of the sympathetic, enters the foramen transversarium in the sixth cervical vertebra. The deep cervical artery supplies the muscles of the back of the neck, and anastomoses with a branch of the occipital artery. The ascending cervical artery supplies the muscles of the posterior triangle ; in the Chimpanzee it sends vessels into the first four intervertebral foramina, the lower four receiving spinal branches from the costo-cervical trunk. The long thoracic artery may arise from the subclavian in the Chimpanzee, but does not do so in